Our company is proud to launch on the market Paeànca Vegan, in order to satisfy the ever growing number of people who choose to exclude from their diet any element of animal origin, for either ethical, ecological or healthy reasons.

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Paeànca Vegan is CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG: excellence and “Superiority” guaranteed in every bottle.

Paeànca Vegan is INTEGRATED VITICOLTURE AND REDUCTION TO MINIMUM OF CHEMICAL TREATMENTS in the vineyard: the healthiness of our wine is fundamental to its value.

Paeànca Vegan is MAXIMUM LIMITATION OF ENOLOGICAL TREATMENTS: this is the key of our production philosophy. We are convinced that all the types of Prosecco we offer should necessarily bear the typical characteristics of the land in San Pietro di Feletto: SAPIDITY and MINERALITY, which make Paeànca a unique product within the Prosecco Superiore panorama.

Paeànca Vegan is guarantee of TOTAL ABSENCE OF SUBSTANCES OF ANIMAL ORIGIN, either in the production, vinification, bottling or labeling processes (corks, adhesives, etc.). This is duly verified by an external authority in charge of this task: Certification Europe Italia S.r.l.

Very briefly, the requirements of major interest within “Vegan Conformity” are the following:

  • some common substances used in the clarification and stabilization of wine, like caseinates, gelatines and albumins (deriving from milk and eggs) are substituted with bentonite alone (a certain type of clay), furthermore in very low quantity.
  • in order to avoid the fertilization through manure, we have successfully experimented alternative organic fertilizers, obtained with chipped vine shoots deriving from pruning, exhausted marc and grape stalks from previous vinifications.

Paeànca Vegan: harmony and synergy among tradition, taste, healthiness and sustainability

90% glera 10% verdiso
The hills of Conegliano and San Pietro di Feletto (TV), historic area of Conegliano Valdobbiadene
11% vol
Sugar residual
8 g/l
To be stored
in a dark place and at less than 18°C if possible.


The grapes are hand-picked at the coolest times of the day and carried to the winery in small containers so as not to break up the bunches.


Gentle pressing of whole grapes, static must decantation, controlled temperature fermentation and sparkling wine production carried out in stainless steel tanks using the Conegliano Valdobbiadene method.

We pay the utmost attention to protect the wine from oxygen, during all productive processes. This permits the grapes’ typical aromas to be best preserved.

Vegan philosophy combines perfectly with our intention of limiting to the utmost the oenological treatments as possible, especially during the clarification. This allows us to obtain a wine able to reflect the characteristics of our land.

Tasting notes

Perlage: fine and continuous.

Bouquet: elegant and refined, with fresh tones of green apple, citrus nuances and delicate hints of white flowers.

Taste: pleasantly cool and dry, reminiscent of its delicately fruity and floral bouquet, topped off with the typical minerality of our soil.

Pairing: excellent as aperitif, especially with raw vegetables dipped in olive oil with pepper and salt and vegan cocktail sauce. This kind of wine is also an agreeable all-around wine.
In particular Paeànca Vegan is perfect with vegetable risotto, millet flan on creamed chickpeas, roast seitan and aubergine parmigiana.

Serving temperature: 6-8 °C.